3DTuning - styling and tuning, disk neon, iridescent car paint, tons of wheels, spoilers, vinyls, custom color, partial painting of Saturn Sky Coupe 2007

3D realistic tuning and styling, custom painting and materials, disk neon, iridescent car paint, tons of wheels, vinyls, spoilers and other parts for Saturn Sky Coupe 2007

Saturn Sky'07

Saturn Sky Coupe 2007SaturnSaturn Sky Coupe 2007

차량에 대한정보와 갤러리

Saturn Sky roadster was originally released in the first quarter of 2006. It uses Kappa automobile platform shared with Pontiac Solstice and Opel GT. Sky has 18-inch (457 mm) wheels and a choice of 2.4 L Ecotec LE5 straight-4 engine that produces 177 hp (132 kW), a new straight-4 2.0 liter turbocharged direct injection engine that produces 260 hp (194 kW), as well as additional dealer-installed turbo upgrade kit that produces 290 hp (216 kW). Both five-speed manual and automatic transmissions were available.

General Motors
2007 - 2009
Roadster (2 seats)
5 Manual, Auto 5
4092 mm
1814 mm
1275 mm
2416 mm
트렁크 용량=화물 볼륨
105 l
최대 토크torque
355 nm